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There are currently three lectures available for CME Credits:

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The World Pediatric Stroke Association understands the value of education and how increased knowledge can improve the lives of children and families impacted by strokes. We have partnered with the Washington University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatric & Developmental Neurology to educate doctors and medical professionals through the Annual Foundation Lectureship Series on Pediatric Stroke (formally The Brendon's Smile Foundation).


Our Foundation believes by educating those who serve on the front lines in the pediatric field there can be faster, more accurate diagnoses, treatments and therapies. Also, with this initiative we feel that we can inspire more interest on the topic of pediatric stroke which leads to more research and, eventually, more precise and effective treatments, prevention, and, someday, a cure.  


In May, this year, the World Pediatric Stroke Association, in collaboration with the Washington University School of Medicine, presented the 9th Annual Lecture on Pediatric Guest Lecturer by pediatric stroke expert Dr. Catherine M. Amlie-Lefond.


Each lecture has been recorded and is accessible for the general public and Medical Professionals to view.


We are proud to announce that in 2014 we added to the initiative
of the Brendon's Smile Foundation CME Online Credits through the Washington University School of Medicine Online CME website.
Now physicians can not only access the lecture but receive Continuing Medical Education credits for viewing the 4th Annual Lecture by 
Dr. Adam Kirton titled “Perinatal Stroke: Black Boxes and Brighter Directions” and the 5th Annual Lecture by Dr. Heather Fullerton titled “Infection and Stroke in Little Folks.”  


To view 8 of the 9 lectures on pediatric stroke for medical professionals: 

Annual Lectureship Series on Pediatric Stroke


For those users who want CME credit, they’ll register/login here CME Credits.  Once in the website click on "Course Catalog", then to "CME Credit Courses", and next to "Pediatrics" to access the lecture.



“Knowledge is power.”  

                             ~Sir Francis Bacon

Pediatric Stroke Training for Emergency Medical Professionals &

School Nurses

Created & presented by
Jessica Spear
President/Co-founder of
The World Pediatric Stroke Association
In cooperation with
Kristin Guilliams,
MD Division of Pediatric & Developmental Neurology
St. Louis Children’s Hospital/
Washington University
School of Medicine
For more information about this
training program contact me via
phone at (314) 541-0603.

According to the Center for Disease Control - National Center for Health Statistics, stroke is one of the top 10 causes of death in children in the United States. However, most people have never heard of pediatric stroke.


In contacting School Nurses and multiple Fire Protection Districts, I have come to learn that that they are not formally trained to recognize strokes in pediatrics.


This coincides with the conversations I have had with Emergency Medical Directors, EMS Managers and with Pediatric Neurologists, who I have worked with through the Foundation.


Because there is such an emergent need for awareness and education among Emergency Medical Professionals and School Nurses, I have developed a class, in cooperation with Dr. Kristin Guilliams, Pediatric Stroke Expert from the Saint Louis Children’s Hospital and the Washington University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics and Developmental Neurology. This class is specifically geared towards Emergency Medical Professionals and School Nurses.


In conjunction with the class, I contribute my personal experience and knowledge, which I have acquired over the past 21 years as a medical social worker, a police officer,  a caregiver of a pediatric stroke survivor, an advocate and a champion for pediatric stroke awareness and education.


The creation of this program is in part due to numerous requests from EMS Managers and School Nurses throughout my community for me to teach this specialized program for CEU credit.


This training will provide the following:

  • Medical Professionals will recognize the possible signs/symptoms of strokes in children.

  • Medical Professionals will be provided information on why treatments should immediately be sought for children displaying a possible stroke and who can provide these treatments.

  • Build confidence in Medical Professionals on assisting pediatric patients who are displaying possible symptoms of stroke.

  • Share how Medical Professionals's immediate response can possibly better the outcome for pediatric patients who may be suffering a stroke, even prevent death or further damage to the brain.

  • Assist Doctors who are participating in the International Pediatric Stroke Study (I.P.S.S.) as Site Investigators build the I.P.S.S. registry. I.P.S.S. participation shows the need for more data collection, more education and more research to better serve the pediatric population in the short and long term who have been impacted by stroke.                                                          


                                                                                  ~Jessica J. Spear


Most people who we tell (especially early in our journey), gasp, when they hear these words: My baby had a stroke before he was born. 


It has been our personal experience that most people who are impacted by pediatric stroke want to raise awareness. 


Our goal with awareness, education, research, and outreach is to: 


Change the face of stroke, one smile at a time. 


You can help make this goal happen, even someday save the life of a child, by sharing this fact: 


Contrary to the belief of most people, strokes can, do and will happen to people at any age - even babies, the unborn, and children!


It is our promise to our audience that we will share with you, as we learn and grow, the knowledge we have acquired, and continue to acquire, about pediatric stroke.


We need your help to get the information out to the people who need to know: parents, grandparents, doctors, nurses, paramedics, coaches, educators, daycare providers...anyone who knows a child!


Another way to help is by making a donation, without you we could not continue with our mission. 


Together we can make a difference! 

Infographic for 

Pediatric Stroke

The infographic pictured is a perfect tool for you to better understand the two categories of strokes in pediatrics:

Neonatal (all encompasing ages before 1-month-old) &
Older Children. 


This infographic can be found in pdf form and in three languages by visiting the following links: