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Department of Neurology

Washington University neurologists are leading the quest to better understand, treat and prevent neurological conditions in children, adolescents and adults. 

Tanner Tough


Babies have STROKES too… sometimes even before they are born.  Tanner Martin is one of those babies!

The Righty Run


Babies have STROKES too… sometimes even before they are born. Alex Ward was one of those babies! Read more...

Their mission is to serve the needs of children, their families and the medical professionals involved in their care. Founded in 2015, Pediatric Stroke Warriors has grown into the largest childhood stroke related nonprofit based out of the Pacific Northwest Region. We are dedicated to a mission of building community awareness for pediatric stroke among general and medical communities alike, and hope and support to all impacted children and their families.

Their mission... To make sure every child is given a fighting chance. 

Their mission is to advance the quality of pediatric emergency medical care to all sick and injured children by providing customized resuscitation strategies across all medical specialties irrespective of the treatment location.

Their Mission... to improve the lives of children with neurologic disorders by strengthening connections between patients and

their families, physicians, other healthcare professionals, and

advocacy and industry partners.

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