Growing Strong from Brendon’s Smile Raising Awareness for Childhood Stroke to the World Pediatric St

It’s finally here...the official website for the World Pediatric Stroke Association!

Many of you may have seen us evolve and some of you are new to this mission, journey or whatever it is that brought you here to us.

My guess is you are here because somehow you have been impacted by pediatric stroke.

I too have been deeply impacted. My son, Brendon, a perinatal stroke survivor.

This journey, one that I did not chose...yet, one I embrace, wholeheartedly, and have learned to find the joy along the path has become one that I share to make a difference for others. This has not come without much heartache, pain, loneliness, desperation and a fight like no other. Until your child, or someone you love deeply, has been faced with tragedy, do you ever really understand what it is to suffer a broken heart.

My son, my inspiration, my greatest teacher...has brought me to all of you.

The children we are fighting for and their families continue to inspire and drive me to fight for awareness, education, advocacy, understanding, inclusion and EMPOWERMENT!

I invite you to become a part of this mission for pediatric stroke, or simply watch us grow.


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