Annual Lectureship Series on Pediatric Stroke

In 2009, Brendon's Smile Raising Awareness for Childhood Stroke was founded as a not-for-profit organization. This year (2016) we officially transitioned to the World Pediatric Stroke Association.

Our core mission: To raise awareness and educate about pediatric strokes.

In 2010, in partnership with the Washington University School of Medicine, Department of Developmental Neurology, we created the Brendon's Smile Foundation Annual Lectureship Series on Pediatric Stroke - 2010 being the inaugural year with Dr. Rebecca Ichord as the 1st Guest Lecturer.

The Annual Guest Lecturer is a world renowned expert on pediatric stroke. Often these are pediatric neurologists who have focused much of their careers on learning about, understanding more and educating on pediatric stroke. They are experts in treating those deeply impacted by pediatric strokes.

Since 2010, with generous donations, we have continued this Annual Lectureship Series (the only ongoing educational lectureship series geared towards medical professionals on pediatric stroke).

The Annual Lectureship Series was designed to educate medical professionals, at one of the top medical schools in the United States, who intend on going out into communities around the country and the globe taking with them the information they learn about pediatric strokes.

This Lectureship Series was also created to inspire young physicians and researchers to want to learn more about pediatric stroke.

When the Annual Guest Lecturer comes to St. Louis for, there is a lot that happens above and beyond the Annual Lecture. During the visit, the expert's time is spent in scheduled meetings, collaborating with other physicians about pediatric stroke. For example, in 2013 Dr. Heather Fullerton collaborated on her expertise and research on infection and pediatric stroke.

The expert participates in Grand Rounds at Wash. U and Saint Louis Children's Hospital. There is a tremendous amount of information sharing that occurs and then is shared with other physicians around the globe.

In short, there's a great deal of "bang for the buck"; the Lectureship Series is so much more than just a lecture!

I am excited to share that on May 26th, Thursday evening, I will have the great pleasure of being introduced to our 7th Annual Guest Lecturer, Dr. Tim Bernard.

Each year we traditionally gather at a dinner reception the evening before the lecture, with physicians who are interested in advancing the knowledge of pediatric stroke (cardiologists, hematologists, neurologist, emergency medicine...) and the Guest Lecturer.

Then on May 27th, Friday morning, Dr. Bernard will be lecturing, at the Washington University School of Medicine on the topic: Inspired to Change the Face of Stroke, One Discovery at a Time.

This topic goes so well with the mission of the World Pediatric Stroke Association: Changing the Face of Stroke, One Smile at a Time.

I look forward to sharing here all of the exciting activities that are part of the two - day lectureship series, and their effect on the impact of pediatric stroke across the globe.

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