The Pediatric Stroke Dilemma Explained to the Best of My Ability

August 23, 2016


‪Stroke in ‪children (meaning children ages 1 - 18 years of age) is extremely complicated.


The warning signs/symptoms are just not that clear cut, as they are in adults (Face Arm Speech Time or F.A.S.T. - which occurs in about 60% of‪ ‎pediatric stroke cases).


First, ‪strokes in children are rare (in contrast to stroke in ‪‎newborns - which is NOT uncommon).


With stroke being rare in this category of children (a very broad category) it is not commonly seen by emergency medical professionals.


Second, the signs/symptoms can mimic other ailments/diagnoses. With stroke being rare it is NOT the first ‪m


edical condition to rule out - until there is protocol in place and totally awareness.


Third, there is a lot that MUST happen to get a child immediate attention for stroke:


* Awareness - by parents/caregivers, any person who works with children & medical professionals - knowing to take immediate action because TIME IS BRAIN!


* Education - for all first responders (this is something WPSA, in collaboration with other organizations is currently doing).


* Medical Facility - getting a child who is suffering a stroke to the appropriate medical facility which can accommodate the medical needs of a pediatric stroke patient.


* Established Protocols for Treating Pediatric Stroke Patients - these will vary depending on the age of the child.


* Funding - WE NEED MORE FUNDING TO GET THIS INFORMATION OUT. Donations to and grants for the World Pediatric Stroke Association will help this happen faster.


* Community - I personally know incredible and passionate physicians who are working as fast to get the above established; THEY NEED OUR SUPPORT TO DISTRIBUTE INFORMATION UNTIL IT IS STANDARD PROTOCOL!


The World Pediatric Stroke Association's ‪#‎THINKSTROKE‬ Campaign is a perfect way to accomplish the above. And, you CAN join our campaign!


There IS ‪#‎hope‬!


My philosophy is: NO PEDIATRIC STROKE WILL BE IN VAIN;‪#‎TOGETHER‬ we can save lives!


Refer to the #THINKSTROKE Fast Card for the signs/symptoms of strokes in children!


The is also accessible in Pdf format


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