New Year and Growing Strong With Strokebusters

I absolutely love the meaning of the word synergy (noun: the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects).

Let me back up a tad... I live with the philosophy: God and Family First. While sometimes I am know I am not so good at implementing my philosophy, I work hard at it.

My passion for spreading Pediatric Stroke Awareness, Education, Advocacy and Empowerment are a VERY close second.

Last week, my family and I were on Holiday. I had limited access to social media.

We were 1200 miles away (what does that translate into in kilometers - the metric system is not something I am good with!?) from home, in warm, sunny Fort Myers, Florida, spending time together. My husband and I snuck out for a while (leaving our children with their grandparents to be spoiled) to meet with an organization made up of a passionate team of people who have the same passion for stroke awareness and education as I do: Strokebusters!

You can learn more by clicking here to view: Strokebusters.

We sat down with this tremendous team, over a delicious Italian meal. After several hours of conversation, learning, educating and getting to know each other, a beautiful partnership was created.

In 2017 and in the coming years, I am beyond excited and look forward to sharing the evolution of this partnership, the World Pediatric Stroke Association and Strokebusters,and what we, #TOGETHER, are able to bring into fruition for Pediatric Stroke - awareness, education, treatments and prevention.

Always remember that you can't rule out stroke if you don't #THINKSTROKE!


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