Accept Your Children As They Are

This photo is of children, diverse, we only see the outside. There is so much more to each child then what is on the outside.

Yesterday, my daughter and I saw a video advertisement for freckles. YES FRECKLES AS TEMPORARY TATTOOS! All I could do is shake my head in disbelief.

My daughter, age 6, asked why?

It starts early in our lives, maybe even before birth.

As an expecting mother for the first time, I learned I was having a boy. In some cultures, girls are abandoned, simply because they are female.

I have a tremendous love for St. Louis Cardinals Major League Baseball. Because I am a girl I could never play in MLB. But having a son, here's my one in a million chance of the next best thing happening. My son could pursue my dream.

Okay, so that dream was ridiculous, and today I realize this.

Then, I learned my son has #CerepbralPalsy due to a #pediatricstroke, more specifically #perinatal. Those dreams and expectations shattered.

I had to stop and question: Whose #dreams are they, mine or his?

This does not mean don't get your the help he or she needs, it just means let your child find his or her way.

Nurture them as they grow. Be present with them in their journey.

As I explained to my little girl, trying to look a way we aren't meant to look or be someone who we weren't meant to be is something most people struggle with. I explained I loved everything about her because it makes her exceptionally Adelyn! She is blessed with her milky skin, big blue eyes, golden hair, long-strong body, legs, strong will, love for all things collectable, love for singing and dancing...her best friend is blessed with black hair, big brown eyes, petite stature, pale-freckled skin, love for all things cat... DON'T BE SOMEONE WHO YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO BE!

Love them unconditionally!

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