One Step At a Time

When we get the diagnosis of pediatric stroke (or whatever life challenge it is for you) all we can see is the highest mountain and we believe we must be at the top, NOW. When what we only focus on is being at the very top, we become overwhelmed, afraid and exhausted with the thought of of how to get there. Instead, if we slow down we see that there is more than one way to the top - none of which are easy. It is in the slowing down that we begin to appreciate the path (often times, we even change paths), taking the time to see all that is around us on this journey. It is in the journey that we will see that what is most meaningful in our lives. "The journey is the destination." I send this out to you with love, maybe this will help you to know

that no matter how overwhelming life is, to slow down and take the journey one step at a time.

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