Mom Guilt

I keep coming across "mom guilt" when talking to other moms. It is very REAL!

It doesn't matter if it is a pediatric stroke, a heart defect, cerebral palsy...a suicide.

For some reason, for many of us, we go to feelings of guilt when it comes to the suffering and challenges our children are faced with.

It is time to post this again....

The guilt was overwhelming. Suffocating, at times.

The guilt did not help in the fight for my child. It pulled me down. Sometimes it paralyzed me.

No way would I have EVER done anything to cause the stroke my child suffered while I was pregnant.

The instant love I felt for him was undeniable. WOW!

I followed every rule. I took extra measures to assure my son would receive nourishment - physically and emotionally - throughout the 9 months I carried him. Yes, way before he was born.

I hate to over simplify, however, some things just happen that were completely out of my control - my genetics conspiring with pregnancy hormones...

I honor all mothers who feel guilt when a beloved child receives a diagnosis. I urge you to get the help that I didn't, because I had no idea my emotional and mental well-being were important in this journey.

Guilt...a waste of precious time.

It's definitely a process to get to this point. But it's a worthy process.

My son is a precious gift from God. No stroke or the effects are going to take that away from who he is.

Like I said: Guilt... a waste of precious time.

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