Over A Decade of Cerebral Palsy

I CELEBRATED Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day this year, March 25, 2019! ☘️

Eleven years ago, I sat in the office of a pediatric neurologist who had just examined my 18-month-old child, Brendon. I was there to “rule out” all neurological diagnoses. 🥺

It was just Brendon and me in that BIG office of the specialist (with a BIG ego – I’m saving that story for the book 😜).

Little did I know I was there to be given a diagnosis that would take every bit of breath that I had out of me - the diagnosis delivering the blunt force. It terrified me.😭

Yet it began to open my eyes, my mind, and my heart to the world of cerebral palsy.

That moment changed my world forever, NOT Brendon’s. And, little did I know that he was on a path to help change the Face of Stroke and Cerebral Palsy for others – to this day he takes that role very seriously.

If you know my son than you are not afraid or nervous about cerebral palsy and pediatric stroke. The second you speak with him, despite the stuttering, you know that he has a brilliant mind and a very kind heart. 🥰

Awareness 🎗is meant to change ignorance into enlightenment.

Today I celebrate my path to becoming enlightened – being open to learning about cerebral palsy and strokes, knowing countless people who ambulate and communicate differently from myself.

Whatever you do, do not pity a person with cerebral palsy or a parent who is raising a child with cerebral palsy. Know that Brendon and people with cerebral palsy are NOT the diagnosis, it’s just a piece that makes up their entirety – such as his height, eye color, his interests, his nationality, his spirituality, the sum of his life experiences…


I celebrated, as I know I am blessed to have been given the opportunity and voice to teach others through the lessons which I have learned along this journey.

The cerebral palsy that Brendon is faced with is a result of the stroke he suffered before he was born -

this is just one cause of cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy as defined by the CDC visit:https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/cp/facts.html

Celebrate Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day Everyone!

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