What's Happening:

The World Stroke Organization has declared

Tuesday, 29 October 2019 as World Stroke


Most stroke organisations around the world

are not specific to paediatric (pediatric)

stroke.  They do not explain strokes in babies,

the unborn, and children.  They do not make

it a point to share the signs/symptoms of

strokes in people under the age of 18.

Raising awareness is simple.  It can save the lives of children and improve outcomes for children who suffer strokes. 


The reason for this is because most people aren't aware of strokes in children.  They don't know the signs and symptoms. Therefore, children are treated quickly. 

Time is brain at ANY age!

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Thank you to EVERYONE who continue to  participate in

The Righty Run 

in Texas

& Tanner Tough in Illinois!

The money raised goes straight back into awareness, education and research for Pediatric Stroke!

Without YOU we wouldn't be able to continue with our mission!


2019 WPSA

Lecture on

Pediatric Stroke

will be available

on the internet


Click Here

for previous 


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In May, 2016, during World Pediatric Stroke Awareness Week 

Jessica Spear, Founder & Executive Director of the WPSA, and Dr. Peter Antevy, Founder & CMO of the Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc., co-sponsored and hosted:

Pediatric Stroke Is Real

Pediatric stroke has laid in the shadows for too long. Many thousands of children and their families have suffered from pediatric stroke yet often the diagnosis was made too late. Join us during World Pediatric Stroke Awareness Week as we bring to light the multiple issues related to this important topic.



Listen to the Webinar on YouTube!


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